Glue Free 510 Cartridge
Glue Free 510 Cartridge

CannBro launch and own the 1st glue free cartridge in industry

510 Cartridge is a very common product in cannabis vaping industry. People have been using it for more than 10 years, it is a pretty standard over looking and configs. Very limited innovations there which is more focus on customizations like different shapes of mouthpiece, or apply different surface treatment. Well, it makes sense in market point of view since end users can only the outer looking and normally do not pay attention to much for internal structure or even what material is used.

Factories are using glues here and there in cartridge manufacturing for example, glue is used to glue glass tube and screw base together or inside mouthpiece to glue internal small components together especially for ceramic mouthpiece. People can see glue sometimes somewhere(for example on the glass tube) if you checked it carefully but more than often, glue is used inside and people cannot really see them or being aware of glue being used.

However, glue can be a big problem even with FDA approved glue. Reason is, cartridge is used in a heated situation during vaping, more than 120 degrees C. Even glue used is FDA approved, but the safety of glue being heated over 120 degrees for long time(a few days to 2 wks based on user habit) is a big UNKNOWN.

The best solution to eliminate potential risks is to remove glue completely. Therefore, CannBro launched the 1st glue-free cartridge in the whole industry with the purpose of delivering a safer vaping solution to all users.

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