CannBro Launched full ceramic cartridge

CannBro Launched full ceramic cartridge

People love full ceramic cartridges for many reasons. Some people get bored with traditional cartridges and want to have something new. Full ceramic cartridges provide this solution, every thing people can see is using ceramic including mouthpiece, center post and so on. CannBro take a further step, beyond mouthpiece and center post, CannBro use the ceramic for screw base as well which make the cartridge look so elegant in a consistent way from top to bottom.

Of course, full ceramic has additonal benefits like some people believe it is safer considering ceramic material itself goes through a baking process which has a higher temperature than 1500 degree C. It makes sense in many ways.

On top of all the above, full ceramic cartridges also provide a tender heating solution which is supposed to help a full and original flavor and taste releasing during vaping. Different with metal center post, ceramic has a slower heat transfer rate which can avoid a sharp tempture jump which may damage the effective ingredients and bring bad taste.

Contact us to get free samples of our NEW full ceramic cartridge to enjoy a different vaping experience.

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